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Jess McMahon Counselling


Relational, trauma-informed therapy.

I believe that everybody & every body has a story. With this belief in mind, I'll work with you using a trauma-informed, integrative approach that focuses on relational, attachment-based somatic therapy as well as person-centered, narrative and emotionally focused therapy. what does all of that mean?

We will collaborate to explore a therapeutic roadmap to healing, including getting curious about what is causing you suffering, what cycles and patterns are no longer serving you, what techniques work and don't work for you, what resources you already possess, and what resources may be available to you. We may also work with the information provided by your autonomic nervous system (ANS), and expand upon your body's natural, beautiful ability to regulate and heal. 

I work with individuals & couples experiencing:


Chronic stress/burnout


Relationship challenges

Communication problems 

Life transitions


Birth and reproductive trauma

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